"Wearing Kammi's seriously takes no skill! It's so easy!" - Eileen Huang

"You can literally go from short hair to long hair in 30 seconds! Before opening the box, I was a little worried about the texture. I was afraid that it would not be able to blend well with real hair. But when I actually touched the product, it felt very, very amazing! It really looks like hair!

It turns out that the technology of hair extensions has become so good now. You can also tell how much the company cares through their packaging, and when you open it up, it smells so good!

Wearing it seriously takes no skill. I'm pretty clumsy and not really good at these beauty products and can still wear it very successfully. 

After wearing it, there is no discomfort except that it may be hot in summer haha but this summer, when I want to get that 'it girl' long hair look, I'll be relying on my Kammi's!"