How to Use, Clean, & Care for Your Kammi's!


How to Use 

All our Kammi Hair sets are designed so that they can be used by yourself only - no stylist and no help from friends or family needed! Watch the videos below for how to put on each Kammi Hair product.

Clip in Bangs 

SNAP Clip in Ponytail

Claw Ponytails

1 Piece U Shape 

Clip in Bun

Clip in Highlights

How to Clean & Care for your Kammi's

To clean you Kammi Hair sets, all you have to do is place your Kammi Hair sets in lukewarm water and add some mild shampoo. Soak for around 5 minutes and take it out to dry.

Do not wring or brush them after washing at this can cause damage.

After washing, just shake off the excess water and let them dry naturally instead of using a blow dryer. 

Simply dry them off by blotting them with a soft towel and do not let them be exposed to the sun when drying off. 

How to Care for your Kammi Hair sets

To make you Kammi Hair sets last longer, store them in the anti-frizz bag that came with your hair extensions.