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  • Clip in Highlights (Luxury Japanese Fiber) Curly Hair
  • Clip in Highlights (Luxury Japanese Fiber) Curly Hair
  • Clip in Highlights (Luxury Japanese Fiber) Curly Hair
  • Clip in Highlights (Luxury Japanese Fiber) Curly Hair
  • Clip in Highlights (Luxury Japanese Fiber) Curly Hair
  • Clip in Highlights (Luxury Japanese Fiber) Curly Hair
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Clip in Highlights (Luxury Japanese Fiber) Curly Hair

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+ About Clip in Highlights (Japanese Fiber) Curly Hair

Bye bye bleach! There's no reason to damage your hair or spend tons of money to get highlights anymore. With our kammi clip in curly highlights made from Japanese Fiber, you'll be falling in love with your new look! Best of all? You can change up the colors depending on your mood! Each highlight is 20 inches long (50cm). Choose from a set of 8 or a set of 10. 

+ How to use?

Please refer to the third photo for a video on how to best use these extensions! 

+ What is Japanese Fiber? And what's the difference with real human hair?

Japanese Fiber is a type of synthetic fiber made in Japan that is made to exactly copy the look and movement of real human hair. With this Japanese technology, you basically cannot tell the difference between hair extensions made out of Japanese Fiber and real human hair. With Japanese Fiber hair extensions, you don't get that fake plastic shine (and bad smell) like you do with other cheaper synthetic fiber hair extensions on the market.

The difference is that Japanese Fiber hair extensions are less expensive than real human hair extensions. However, you can dye real human hair extensions to any color so it might be more suitable for those who want to match their hair extensions to a very specific color.

+ How long can they last?

Up to 1.5 years! But of course, depending on how often you wear them and if you take care of them properly.

+ Where are these materials made?

Made in Japan. The package is prepared and shipped from our office in Taipei!

+ Can I dye, cut, or style them with heat?

You can definitely cut your Japanese Fiber hair extensions, and if you want to style them with heat, please use heating tools at 170C and below! If you want to dye them, we recommend our Kammi Hair extensions made with real human hair instead!

+ I can't wait to get my Kammi products! :) How long does it take to ship?

Each kammi hair extension set takes 3-14 days for shipping depending on country (see below)

Each set takes 4-6 days to create from time of purchase. We need to make sure that the hair strands are perfectly lined, each weft is securely sewn, and that each set is professionally sanitized.

Shipping Rates for Each Location

We ship kammi hair extensions out of our Taipei offices!

Free shipping over $100 USD is included for the following locations:

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China 1-3 days

Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, 4-8 days

United States, Canada, Australia, Japan 7-11 days

Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar 8-12 days

New Zealand, United Kingdom, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mongolia 10-14 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Arielle Jing

Don't bleach your hair!!! These LITERALLY have the same exact effect. Don't bleach or dye your hair because take it from me, you will end up damaging your hair. If not, they will be very dry and gross. These do the same thing and you can change colors anytime you want!!



Michelle Xiao

Saw the braid review and decided to try the curls with some braids, definitely easier to braid with curly ones!!

Connie Fang

The golden blonde looks so good with black hair!!!

Vanessa H

The curly ones works so well with braids! Love these, will def be back to try more products from here!