ELEANOR - Topper Cover (Dyeable Real Hair)
ELEANOR - Topper Cover (Dyeable Real Hair)
ELEANOR - Topper Cover (Dyeable Real Hair)
ELEANOR - Topper Cover (Dyeable Real Hair)
ELEANOR - Topper Cover (Dyeable Real Hair)
ELEANOR - Topper Cover (Dyeable Real Hair)
ELEANOR - Topper Cover (Dyeable Real Hair)
ELEANOR - Topper Cover (Dyeable Real Hair)
ELEANOR - Topper Cover (Dyeable Real Hair)

ELEANOR - Topper Cover (Dyeable Real Hair)

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Whether you're looking to cover thinning hair, white hair, or a larger hairline, we promise you're going to love this topper!

  • Can be parted in multiple directions How is this topper different than others? It's handwoven! Which means you can part it in multiple ways - side part, middle part, zigzag, whatever feels and looks most natural for you!
  • Ultra comfortable Breathable, light, mesh material for ultimate comfort
  • Secure 3 secure front and back clips for extra security
  • Ultra high-grade 100% Real Remy Hair for a seamless perfect blend
  • Dyeable so you can dye them yourself to completely match you hair color. 
  • Can be styled with heating tools just as you would with your own hair!
  • Lasts around 1 year depending on how well you care for them.
  • 100% Real Remy Hair: Ultra high-quality strands from Asia with aligned cuticles for a seamless blend with Asian hair. Our precise collection methods preserve hair integrity, including cuticle alignment and pore consistency.
  • Top-Quality Grade: As one of the best in the market, our hair ensures superior durability and compatibility with Asian hair.
  • Ethical Sourcing & Fair Compensation: We ethically source from Asia, prioritizing fair trade practices and ensuring all parties receive proper compensation.

For detailed instructions on how to use this hair set, please watch the video provided in the product images.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Place Kammi Hair set in lukewarm water with mild shampoo for 5 minutes.
  • Gently remove and air dry.
  • Shake off excess water and blot dry with a soft towel.
  • Avoid direct sunlight during drying.
  • Avoid wringing or brushing. Finger brushing is always best!

Storage Tips:

  • Store your Kammi Hair set in the provided anti-frizz bag for longer lifespan.

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7-14 Working Days United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mongolia

Each set is meticulously assembled within 4-8 working days from purchase to ensure precise alignment of strands, secure stitching of wefts, and professional sanitization.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jinny Fu

I get white hair super easily no matter how many times I dye my hair and it's so annoying. I was looking for a solution to not dye my hair so much as it gets costly and i don't think it's that great health wise so when I found this topper, I was so happy. This is really a great product and literally no one can tell. I wear it to work everyday and no one has said anything or looked at me weirdly. Finally I can get rid of this insecurity!!!!



Helena S Chiu

My thinning isn't that serious but I've just wanted to have fuller, thicker hair at the top without it being flat. This topper definitely did the trick and I wear it every day...

Carol Jen

So glad I stumbled upon this because look at the difference. Not only did it help me look better but I feel more confident too and don't always have to wear a hat...