"The Kammi U Shape is really beautiful, long, natural, and elegant." - Karen Law, Hong Kong

Wearing U Shape Hair Extensions

"Have big, long, curly hair used to just a dream for me since although I have long hair, it's naturally and thin and super straight. There's pretty much no way I can achieve such curly, full hair. So when I tried these kammi U Shapes, it was a dream come true! The kammi U Shape is really beautiful, long, natural, and elegant. I really look like a different person! 

Kammi hair extensions use a Japanese technology that uses top quality Japanese Fibers to look exactly like real hair. It really feels exactly like real hair.

These U Shapes are so easy to put on too. It only takes me 30 seconds. The packaging is so pretty and lovely, when I open the package, the fragrance really is so beautiful. It really changes my previous feelings about wigs and synthetic hair. 

I love how you can use these daily too! But if you have other special events like pre-wedding shoots or other events, it would be so lovely to use them too!"