We're Donating FREE Wigs to Cancer Patients with Each of Your Kammi Hair Purchases

At Kammi Hair, we believe that EVERY WOMAN should have the ability to feel beautiful and confident in themselves.

Especially when you're going through something as scary as cancer. 

But with the high cost of cancer treatment, not everyone going through cancer can afford a wig - something that can instantly help you feel more empowered and confident.

That's why with each Kammi Hair extension purchase, we will donate one free synthetic, doctor approved, short-haired wig to a woman or child going through cancer treatment. That means if you buy two hair extension sets, we'll donate two wigs to two patients and so on. 

The wigs will be donated to the Cancer Center at the National Taiwan University Hospital where they will distribute each wig to each of their cancer patients. 

Keep reading for more information about how your purchase is making a difference! 

The Power of Wigs for Women Going Through Cancer Treatment

When women start losing their hair from chemotherapy, it can be an emotionally difficult experience. It can be hard to look in the mirror and feel confident in your own skin when your hair is falling out.

Cancer treatment can be scary and isolating, but it doesn’t mean women have to give up on feeling empowered and beautiful. 

Wigs can be an incredible source of strength and comfort during this difficult time. Wearing a wig allows women to maintain their identity, express their unique style, and have control over their appearance despite the physical changes they may be experiencing due to cancer treatment.

Wigs also help with everyday activities such as keeping the scalp clean and protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. 

Most of all, wigs can help boost self-confidence and provide much-needed distraction from the rigors of cancer treatment. Kammi Hair extensions and wigs aren't just about looking good, it's about feeling good too!