Kammi Hair FAQ

Who are Kammi Hair extensions for? 

Asian women! Our hair extensions are made specifically for Asian women who want to achieve either longer or more voluminous hair. Most of the high end clip in hair extensions on the market at made for Caucasian or African hair, which have different hair structures than Asian hair. kammi hair extensions were created with the Asian woman in mind! 

How are Kammi Hair extensions different than others on the market? 

  • Comfort. We use invisible, extra flat clips so that your head shape doesn't become bigger, making blending easier. Plus, the hair doesn't feel as heavy and uncomfortable on your head! 
  • Highest Quality of Hair. We use either Japanese Fiber or 100% remy human hair, which are the highest grade of real and artificial hair on the market when it comes to hair extensions. 
  • Blends Flawlessly. We only make hair extensions that are thick enough to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Through tons of research, we use the perfect formula for a balance of comfort and lightness and blend-ability. 
  • Longer Usage Time. Because of the high quality hair and detailed production process, our hair extensions can be worn up to 1 year (depending on how frequent they're used). Lower quality hair extensions can only be used a few days before the strands start falling out. Plus, they can't be washed too often. 

What type of hair is used in Kammi Hair extensions?

We use either 100% Remy Real Human Hair, Japanese Fiber, or Premium Fiber. Because we value transparency in all our products, each product specifies which one is used in the description and title so you're not left guessing! 

100% Remy Real Human Hair is fair trade human hair that was ethically collected from Asian women who grow and sell their hair as a side profession. Unlike other types of 'real hair' extensions which was collected randomly off the floor, our hair is collected with all the cuticles pointing in one direction to reduce frizz, avoid split ends, and enhance shine. 

Japanese Fiber is a type of fiber made in Japan that has been created to mimic the look and movement of real human hair. Unlike other artificial hair in the industry, Japanese Fiber of higher quality and are not overly shiny, do not carry a plastic or fake feeling, and can be easily detangled. 

Premium Fiber is also one of the industry's top synthetic hair fibers. It just doesn't use the Japanese technology described above.

How do I know which color is right for me?

You can contact our Kammi Hair stylists here to find the color that best matches your hair! Additionally, when your package arrives, you'll receive a small sample outside of the package to see if it matches with your hair. Test it against your own hair before opening the package. If it doesn't match, you can exchange the order free of charge! Our 100% Remy Real Hair products are also able to be dyed so if you dye your hair a specific color, you can dye the hair extensions the same color too to match! 

Can I dye or color my Kammi Hair extensions? 

Only if you purchase the 100% Remy Real Hair products. You can dye them as frequently as you need to. However, you cannot dye the Japanese Fiber products. 

Can I cut my Kammi Hair extensions? 

Yes! You can cut the extensions yourself or bring them to a hair salon to get them trimmed by your stylist. 

How long will my Kammi Hair extensions last? 

Around 1 year depending on how often you wear and wash them.